Most psychologists agree that the first six years of a child’s life are when their mood and temperament are cultivated and developed. There is a saying, “A person’s attitude will determine their altitude in life.” This is why parents need to produce a caring, loving home environment. Children often mimic the mood and the behavior of their parents; therefore, parents need to speak and behave positively when interacting with children. When there is a balance of praise and constructive criticism in the early years of a child’s life, a spirit of confidence and self-worth is usually infused. Children are the future doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, barbers, mechanics, and rest home attendants; they are leaders in training. The next Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., or Dr. Billy Graham may be residing in someone’s home. This is why parents need to be positive role models. In the post-Charleston and Ferguson era, the little things matter the most in a child’s life. When the television is turned off, or a newspaper is cast aside to listen to what is being said, children value loving, caring relationships and words of encouragement more than they love expensive toys. Attending a tennis match, a basketball game, or the time taken out of a busy schedule to attend church or a dance recital is more valuable than silver or gold. Spending quality time with children is essential for their physical and spiritual development. The love shown to a child matters the most, the tears of joy when they take their first steps or speak their first words, but most importantly, the prayers and hugs they receive as they grow from infancy to maturity. The little things that we do for our children will determine the big things in life. Let us nurture and develop a renewed spirit of love, peace, and hope for our nation’s youth. We must promote, encourage, design, and educate our children on how to survive in the post-Ferguson and Charleston era. Still, most importantly, we must pray for our children and teach them how to pray because some challenges can only be resolved through prayer and the supernatural intervention of the all-wise and all-mighty God.