It is time to step up to the plate and teach young people about real life. Unfortunately, images of endless fun and games on television and the playing of animated computer games that simulate violent acts have lured many youths into a mode of thinking that there are no significant challenges or dangers in life and no adverse consequences for behavior. Most contemporary media outlets do not emphasize the importance of hard work, the value of delaying gratification for more significant gain, and the significance of setting goals. The glorification of crime and drugs and the promotion of uninhibited sexual activity outside of marriage with no mention of the consequences of irresponsible behavior have been a driving force behind Hollywood for years. ABC, NBC, and CBS are no longer the only players in town. Television stations no longer play the National Anthem and turn off their signal at midnight Television is now a twenty-four-hour, seven-day-a-week enterprise. The competition for advertisers and viewers is so furious among media networks that many network executives have crossed the line in airing programs that are not family-friendly during primetime. Hollywood appears to be driven by the premise that most viewers do not want to be reminded of the consequences of irresponsible behavior. They know that some want to enjoy the piper’s music but do not want to pay the piper; this is why there is rarely any mention of the side effects of smoking, drugs, or alcohol. Likewise, broken homes, strained family relations, jail time, psychological problems, and diseased bodies are usually not mentioned when airing programs that address risky, unethical behavior. The devastating effects of extra-marital affairs, which at times lead to divorce and the psychological scarring of children, are usually not highlighted within the storylines of most television programs. The entertainment industry, in many ways, has deemphasized the natural world and highlighted a fantasy world of fun and games, which in many ways has desensitized many people to the pain and suffering of others. The lack of empathy for others has led many to devalue life, which has led to an increase in violence against innocent people. Many mass media enterprises are sending the wrong message to young people. This is why parental involvement is more critical today than ever before. Given the high number of children and young ladies being kidnapped and sexually abused, it is time to do more teaching on real-life dangers and challenges. The increased time young people spend on computers and cyberspace demands that they be given a dose of reality. They need to be taught that not every person is to be trusted because not everyone is a friend. Avoiding unfamiliar areas when not accompanied by others is also extremely important. It is time for law enforcement to work in conjunction with the schools, the home, and the Church to develop a training course that can be taught in the school system to survive living in a money-hungry, crime-driven global society. Young people need to know how to manage money and avoid the trap of credit cards, but they also need to learn more about the dangers of living in a society that does not value human life in many ways. Given the increased number of crimes against innocent people, there seems to be a criminal system that preys on the young and the innocent. To combat this system, the family, the Church, the schools, and all youth-friendly agencies must devise ways to educate and protect Youth in a world where far too many children and Youth are being physically and sexually abused.